GreeneTown Foods  

Dehydrated Apple Chips
A Taste of Michigan

The minute you bite into one of the signature dehydrated apple chips you will think WOW!  The taste is unlike any other apple slice you have ever had!
The flavor is
crisp with just the right amount of sweetness and cinnamon, combined with the tartness of the apple.  These crunchy flavorful slices of nature are a healthy snack alternative that you will find totally delectable. . .  and addictive.  Each apple slice provides natural fiber and there are no added preservatives.  This delicious product is completely Michigan Made with local Michigan Orchards supplying the apples. PURE MICHIGAN!

Nutritional Facts Above for the 1.5oz bags.

Once You Taste Them You'll Be Hooked!

are perfect for:

*Corporate Gifts and Gift Baskets
*Mothers of Picky Eaters (like mine)
*Health-Conscious Individuals looking for a CRISPY accompaniment to lunch sandwiches
*The Home Chef looking for an ingredient for that perfect appetizer, salad, or dessert.

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